Alexander Hamilton: A Great Leader (2023)

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Leading in a Life of Illustriousness For over two hundred years, the United States of America has worshipped countless men and women for their leadership and bravery. Of those, whether it was with ideals, life story, his writing, or fighting for his nation, Alexander Hamilton is a great leader, using his influence to shape America and the great minds surrounding the country. To clarify, Hamilton was among the Founding Fathers, building a foundation for this country to enable the later generations to achieve greatness. Alexander Hamilton, in his many accomplishments, embodies the idea of great leadership. Initially, the early life of Alexander Hamilton is tragic, yet inspiring not only to Americans in his time, but to many Americans today as well. To illustrate, proves this tradgedy in their article, which states “Determined to improve his lot …show more content…

But the family was soon dealt another sad blow. After working tirelessly to make ends meet, his mother became ill and died in 1768 at the age of 38.” In other words, Hamilton had to work tirelessly from an early age, with no mother or father to provide for him. With this, Hamilton inspires and amazes many by going from poverty, to prosperity. Similarly, this inspiration is evidence of Hamilton’s great leadership because this ability to live such a rewarding life is the ideal and the goal of many Americans today. Indeed, Hamilton proves his influence and leadership again, through his immigration to America. Regarding this, states “Owing to his

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that alexander hamilton is a great leader, using his influence to shape america and the great minds surrounding the country.
  • Analyzes how the early life of alexander hamilton is tragic, but inspiring not only to americans in his time but to many americans today.
  • Explains that alexander hamilton is a great leader, using his influence to shape america and the great minds surrounding the country.
  • Analyzes how the early life of alexander hamilton is tragic, but inspiring not only to americans in his time but to many americans today.
  • Analyzes how hamilton displays great leadership through his thousands of writings throughout his lifetime.
  • Analyzes how hamilton displays his leadership through his military experiences and accomplishments. he proves his conviction and cooperation with others as they fight against oppressors, gaining the approval of high-ranking officers.
  • Concludes that the many writings, struggles, and accomplishments of alexander hamilton continue to guide others towards a life of education and achievement. hamilton embodies the ideal of leadership by bettering the lives of many and influencing many americans.

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Alexander Hamilton

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    The United States of America, one of the world’s biggest powers, has become what it is today because of the actions of many people throughout its history. These people are remembered in many ways, such as having important political figures on paper money.

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Alexander Hamilton And Hamilton

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    After the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified, George Washington put its words into action. With the formation of his Cabinet, he appointed two men that soon created conflicts with their contrasting beliefs about how the new government should be run. These men, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, soon gained support and divided the country into political parties. Those who supported a stronger federal government, like Hamilton, called themselves Federalists; in opposition, Jefferson leading the Democratic republicans, favored a stronger state government. Both parties had America’s best interest at heart, however Hamilton and the Federalists’ ideas concerning the economy, interpretation of the Constitution, and the future of American society made them more fit for governing the United States.

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence Today

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    Alexander Hamilton was the most influential figure in early American history. The significance of the other Founding Fathers are important, of course, but Hamilton had the most lasting impact. Looking around at the America we live in today, what we see is the future that Hamilton envisioned and fought for. The policies he created and his personal beliefs shaped our world. His influence on the arena of politics includes composing the majority of the Federalist Papers, leading America’s first political party, establishing the first national bank of the United States and the first tax on internal goods, and publicizing his belief in abolitionism.

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Be An Economic Genius

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    After reading the Taking sides “The Hamiltonian Miracle” by John Steele Gordon. I have concluded that Alexander Hamilton is an economic genius of his time. According to John Steele Gordon, Hamilton’s knowledge of public finance helped him set a course for the American economy in a way that nobody else could. The first National Bank, he displayed his brilliance as an economist. He also outlined a plan to create the capital required to kick start a prosperous economy and introduced government tariffs, subsidies, and awards to encourage American Manufacturing. According to John Steele, Alexander Hamilton can take all the credit for creating an economy that went on to become one of the strongest in the world. This article discusses essential information that support my point of view. Many points in history have lead to this. In this paper I will be discussing why I believe Alexander Hamilton to be an economic genius. Who is Alexander Hamilton?

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  • Jefferson Vs Hamilton The Fears Of The Federalists

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    There are many conflicts in the early years of the American politics. There are two famous political parties during the early years of American Independence, and their ideologies were completely opposite. Thomas Jefferson was the third American President from 1801-1809. Alexander Hamilton was the founder of Federalist party and President Washington elected him as a first secretary of the treasurer. Jefferson's democratic-republican party views are always contradictory to the Federalist party founded by Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson believes in small federal government and more powers to individual states, his policies are around people and they should rule the government. Jefferson always follows strict constitutional rules. Jefferson always believed the country economy will improve through the agriculture. Hamilton views are very contrasted to Jefferson's view. Hamilton believes in strong federal government and weak state governments. He also wants to favor rich people and insist on rich should rule the country and he has a loose interpretation of the constitution. Hamilton dreams towards country economy should

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  • Alexander Hamilton: Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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    Being a good leader does not necessarily mean shining in the spotlight. Some of the most revolutionary and successful leaders are the ones who worked the lights. Self-awareness, self-direction, vision, ability to motivate, and social awareness are the characteristics of a good leader according to SIY Leadership Institute (SIYLI). There have been many accomplished and renowned leaders in America since (and before) the 1770’s, ones whose names are universally known and others who are unfamiliar. Of the latter is Alexander Hamilton, who showed potential since the minute he was put on earth, for no matter what obstacles were thrown in his way he forged ahead and never threw away his shot.

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  • Alexander Hamilton: A Modern Tragic Hero

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    While a literary device, tragic heroes also appear in real life. A perfect example of a real life tragic hero is Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury. This modern tragic hero started life as an orphan in poverty, living in the Caribbean, but his elevated character of exceptional literary skills, wit and progressive political ideas eventually landed him a spot as one of the most influential people in the United States. Alexander Hamilton had a positive hamartia, as he refused to remain quiet about the injustices of his country, oblivious to the danger it created for him and his family. The downfall of Hamilton occurred gradually. Because of many of his radical views, he gained a lot of opposition in both the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties, and was forced to resign, yet still remained popular, with a greatly valued opinion (Brookhiser). Hamilton then lost his firstborn son (Phillip) in a duel when Phillip challenged George Eacker to uphold his father’s honor. And yet Hamilton refused to remain quiet and openly opposed Aaron Burr in the election of 1800, and worked against Burr again when the Vice President ran for New York governorship. In an attempt to heal his wounded pride, Aaron Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, and the discredited Alexander Hamilton died the day after. (Foner). However, it is believed that Hamilton intentionally misdirected his shot, showing that he may have recognized his flaw in the end, redeeming himself in the eyes

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  • Alexander Hamilton Essay

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    Did you know that the only non-presidents on US paper currency are Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton? However, Alexander Hamilton has more to do with American political history than you may realize. He changed the way the American government works and how it continues to work to this day. Hamilton lived an influential life, he had a rough childhood but was able to overcome it and rise to great things. Alexander Hamilton is an important historical figure.

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  • Why Did Alexander Hamilton Sign The New Constitution

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    Even though Hamilton wasn’t one of our presidents, he showed great leadership throughout his terms in the secretary of treasury, he practiced law after the wars, and he also showed leadership being one of our Founding Fathers (who were responsible winning our wars against England.) After Hamilton was drafted for the Constitutional Convention by New Year, Hamilton got to attend a meeting in Philadelphia. While Alexander was in Philadelphia he had little to no impact on the convention because he didn’t fully represent New York. Even though Hamilton didn’t represent the Federalist (who strongly opponents to sign the new constitution), Hamilton signed the new constitution as an individual. Then after Hamilton signed the for the new constitution, he got to write “at least two-thirds of the essays” that included some of the most important ones that would explain the powers of each of the branches.

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  • Why Is Alexander Hamilton Important

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    Alexander Hamilton was a major part in the making of the United States of America. Firstly, He was George Washington’s protege during the Revolutionary War and and was part of the Continental Congress in 1782, 1783, and 1788 Secondly, He was the first Secretary of the Treasury in the United States. Lastly, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton got into a dispute from the election of 1801 and the standoff led to Alexander Hamilton killed on that day. In conclusion, Alexander Hamilton was a major part in the making of the United States of America.

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  • Alexander Hamilton Essay

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    Alexander Hamilton began his life as a young boy living in the British West Indies. At the age of 11, Hamilton began working tirelessly to provide for his family. With time and experience, Hamilton started working with international commerce and slave trade. His boss, Hugh Knox, recognized his ambition and decided to send him to America. Hamilton attended King’s college, other known as Columbia University, and became more involved in politics. When the Revolutionary war came about, Hamilton defended the Patriots against the Loyalists: this was his first political article written. In this moment is when he gained respect from militant leaders like George Washington. Hamilton then became a part of the New York Provincial Artillery Company and fought in the war. Later, Washington appointed Hamilton as the first Secretary of Treasury. As Hamilton understands of law and politics grew, he decided to pursue a goal of his: establishing a more diverse government under the new Constitution. During the process of achieving the goal, he attended the Constitutional Convention. Here, Hamilton spoke out on behalf of his ideas and beliefs.

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  • Alexander Hamilton Biography

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    Impoverished, in squalor. Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” (Miranda, Lin-Manuel. “Alexander Hamilton”). Hamilton was born on the West Indian island of Nevis. The accurate year of his birth is not known because conflicting records have been found (despite the fact that Hamilton himself kept up he was born in 1757). It is normally said that the date of birth was January 11. He was the illegitimate child of James Hamilton, a Scottish dealer, and Rachel Faucett Lavien. In 1769, after the demise of his mother and the bankruptcy of his father, he entered the counting house of David Beckman and Nicholas Cruger at Saint Croix, where he displayed an intelligent capacity to comprehend the complexities of trade and bookkeeping. He passed an offering plate around and received funds from all over the island for his writing to pay for his tuition and passage to New York, he studied at a sentence structure school at Elizabethtown, N.J., and after that entered King 's College (now Columbia University) (Hamilton, K.

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  • Alexander Hamilton: The Most Important Figure In American History

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    Alexander Hamilton (2004) is a detailed true story of one of the most important figures in American history. It is based on Hamilton’s early life. As a politician, as a revolutionary war hero, and the first treasury secretary, Hamilton dedicated his life and intellect to unifying and strengthening the United States. Hamilton in truth did perhaps more than any other one person to secure the power of the American Union. Though he was never president, he was a hero deemed as a true founding father, title he kept till his death.

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  • What Is Alexander Hamilton Necessary?

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    Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury of the United States, had a lot going for himself being a man that came from poverty to success, and he was a man “all powerful and fails at nothing which he attempts” admitted a congressman in 1791 (Tindall and Shi). Born in the Caribbean in the West Indies, abandoned by his father and orphaned at the age of 13 by his late mother who had died. Later moved to New York, became a lawyer and transitioned to nationalism thus giving him the important role of handling the weight of the debt America had accumulated $54 million deep after the Revolutionary War (Digital History). Hamilton saw the need for some financial credit to be given to America and he had the right idea by proposing a National Bank to his first president George Washington. Word dispersed of that proposal leading a

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  • Alexander Hamilton: Movie Analysis

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    Alexander Hamilton: Founding Father, writer of the Federalist Papers, Secretary of State, and rapper? In the Hamilton soundtrack Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the story of Alexander Hamilton through rap and hip-hop. Lin-Manuel Miranda tells Hamilton’s story from beginning to end. From orphaned immigrant to being killed after the War. Immigration plays an important role both in the soundtrack and in our daily lives. Through his work, Miranda expresses immigration as having a positive effect in the history of the United States.

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